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Our mission is to serve our clients with a steadfast commitment to design and merchandising excellence. We create award-winning models that sell by adhering to our own internally developed Principles of Excellent Model Home Merchandising. By following these simple principles of lifestyle merchandising, we produce interiors that enhance your homes and inspire your buyers.


Phyllis Ryan

President Model Home Division

Phyllis Ryan is a graduate of the University of Maryland. With a B.A. Degree in art and history, she threw herself into entrepreneurial marketing in both domestic and international market places before joining Interior Concepts in 1986. She has come to be recognized as an expert in the field of merchandising in the local metropolitan area and supports the NVBIA, MBIA and HBAM Builder organizations. Phyllis was the recipient of the prestigious GALA Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 for her contribution to the industry and the art of Merchandising. Her client base extends throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area into VA., MD, D.C., DE. and PA.

Cindy Stranger


Cindy has a rich history in the Washington Metropolitan building industry. Before we found her, she was responsible for taking a home building corporation from $8 million in sales to $65 million in five years. She has a Certificate in Accounting from the University of Virginia and obviously has a head for detail and organization. A wonderful balance to all left brain designing women. With ICI since 1994, Cindy is our corporate vision and legal liaison with a cool head for details and a master at negotiation.

Johanna Bruce

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Along with her contagious enthusiasm, Johanna brings extensive experience to ICI with a marketing, advertising, and real estate background. After graduating from Christopher Newport University, she worked for Ferguson Enterprises in Washington, D.C., honing her customer service skills in the luxury bath market. Quickly moving to the Sales and Marketing of new homes, she spent the next 8 years with Artery Homes of Maryland. She received her MIRM designation in 2004 and became a recognized and admired member of the NVBIA and MBIA sitting on the MAME (now GALA) committee. She continues to serve her community as well as serving as judge for the Maryland Awards of Excellence (MAX). 

Kate Mccloskey

Regional Sales and Marketing Director

Kate is our home grown Annapolitan. After attaining her MBA in Marketing from the University of Baltimore, she worked in the insurance, hotel and education industries before finding her home at ICI in 2003. Kate has established herself as a results-oriented Sales and Marketing professional who is always looking out for the best interest of her builder clients. Kate has served on the board of the ESBIA, and is an active member of the MBIA and the NVBIA. Married with three daughters, she currently resides on the Eastern Shore, loves the beach life and the growing Delaware builder market.

Corinne Roth

Marketing Assistant & Media Specialist

Although she is one of our newest and youngest team members, Corrie has become an essential player to ICI. She brings with her the discipline of an economics degree from Towson University, a natural design instinct for graphics and social media advertising and a sincere passion for the science of merchandising. Corrie manages our online presence, our website updates, our model photo shoots, and attends the industries’ forecast conferences and events.

With us since 2016, we don’t know how we ever did without her.


Betsy Caulk

Senior Designer, Design & Resource Manager

Tenure at ICI: March 2005

Inspiration: Social media, design websites and magazines.

Passion: Crue – my lovable lab who sticks his head out the window so his ears flap in the wind. It makes him look like he’s smiling!

Quote: “I love the fusion of materials, patterns and textures connecting the old classics and fresh ideas… staying ahead of the trends is exciting.”

Ann McGowan

Senior Designer, Architectural Specialist

Tenure at ICI: Since 1995

Inspiration: Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen & the masters of architecture. And mid-century modern!

Passion: All forms and styles of architecture. Traveling the world to see all of these various styles… and fast cars!

Quote: “What I can learn and emulate from the masters of architecture’s success in well thought out spaces, from the walls down to the small details.”

Samantha butcher

Senior Designer, Project Logistics Manager

Tenure at ICI: Since 2006

Inspiration: It’s everywhere – Pinterest, extensional travels, social media websites

Passion: Animals, volunteering at local SPCA – “Their unconditional love is pure joy.”

Quote: “I believe that if you open your eyes you can find inspiration everywhere.”

Kelly kiley

Senior Designer

Tenure at ICI: September 2011

Inspiration: Nature and architecture

Passion: Photography, painting, drawing, DIY projects

Quote: “I have a love of texture and comfort, so I look to nature to inspire how the interiors can be admirable and harmonious.”

Lynn lamar

Senior Designer

Tenure at ICI: Since 2013

Inspiration: Nature, architecture, fabric, art, restaurants, and hotel design

Passion: Cooking, aerobic classes, travel, and photograph (oh and mentoring young designers!)

Quote: “I adapt what I see to my model home design; I love to take a bold approach to offer an element of surprise.”

Amber Crowley

Staff Designer


Tenure at ICI: February 2016

Inspiration: Travel, organic/natural elements, historical references, & mid-century modern.

Passion: Gardening, cooking/slow food movement and always learning – personally and professionally.

Quote: "If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal."

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