How do you want to say "Welcome Home"?

A well merchandized home is the ultimate sales tool. At Interior Concepts Inc., we create spaces that put your customers at ease while emphasizing the best features of your design. We do this by adhering to our own internally developed and proven Principles of Excellent Model Home Merchandising.

Competitive Research: To get to know your buyers and determine the best ways to set your model apart, we frequently conduct site visits of your closest competitors.

Collaboration:  No one knows your customers better than you do. So we ask questions, we listen, and we conduct multiple input, strategy and design sessions with you.

Seamless Design: Once we agree upon the look, feel and “story” of your model, we stick with it so that spaces flow naturally together and create a single, seamless impression.

Enhanced Architectural Elements: We create designs that accentuate your home’s most distinctive and profitable features and options.

Defined Lifestyle: We create designs that allow your buyers to see themselves living in your home.

Stimulate Emotion: People buy on emotion and justify with facts. We design spaces that trigger an emotional response and connection with your prospects.

Indelible “Memory Points”: We merchandise models so that they continue to excite and “sell” your prospects long after they have left.

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