Johanna Bruce, MIRM | President, Model Home Division

Johanna has achieved a solid reputation as a seasoned marketing and sales professional with over 25+ years of experience in the homebuilding industry. She graduated from Christopher Newport University with a B.S. in Business Management. She earned a prestigious MIRM designation in 2004, which provided her with invaluable hands-on experience in the challenges of developing and marketing new homes in the Washington Metropolitan area.

In 2006, she was hired as a Regional Sales and Marketing Director at Interior Concepts and was promoted to VP of the Builder Division in 2021. Johanna is an active member of the homebuilding community and contributes her time as a volunteer to various local marketing councils, serving on the board of numerous committees, including MBIA MAX, NVBIA GALA, and MBIA Mixed-Use and Multi-Family Council. She also serves as a judge for Design and Advertising Excellence in the Virginia and DC markets.


Juliet Casey | Chief Executive Officer

Juliet Casey has been an integral part of Interior Concepts, Inc. since joining in 2017. With a Bachelor's degree from George Washington University and a Master's in Business Administration, Juliet's education has been focused on business and technology, making her a valuable asset to the company. Juliet's technology and business solutions expertise has been critical in creating efficiencies and driving success for Interior Concepts. She is highly solutions-oriented, always seeking to implement the latest technologies and best practices to achieve operational excellence. As CEO, Juliet oversees the company's daily operations and sets comprehensive goals for business growth and success. She is committed to working closely with all teams and departments to ensure that all goals and objectives are met and that the company is positioned for long-term success.


Kate McCloskey | Sales and Marketing Director

Kate is a native of Annapolis and holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Baltimore. With a career spanning the insurance, hotel, and education sectors, Kate found her professional home at Interior Concepts in 2003. Renowned as a results-oriented Sales and Marketing professional, Kate prioritizes the best interests of her builder clients. Her commitment to excellence is further evident through her service on the board of the ESBIA and active membership in the MBIA and the NVBIA. Married with three daughters, Kate currently resides on the Eastern Shore, where she has a keen appreciation for beach life and a vested interest in the growing Delaware home-building market.


Corrie Roth | Marketing Manager

Corrie, a vital member of the Interior Concepts team since 2016, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Towson University, combining analytical skills with creative flair. Specializing in managing the company's online presence, overseeing photoshoots, and staying updated on industry trends, Corrie is an active participant in GALA and MAX committees. Her natural design instincts and dedication to the science of merchandising have played a pivotal role in the success of the Builder Division. Responsible for project management and design directions, Corrie's leadership, creativity, and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to Interior Concepts, Inc., blending a disciplined approach with a creative touch.


Betsy Caulk | Lead Senior Designer, Resource Manager, Buyer

Betsy knew from an early age that her love for art and interiors would lead her to a career in design. She graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art in Interior Design. She came to us in 2005 with ten years of experience in the Model Home Industry. Betsy began her career at ICI as the buyer and visual display director for the 7,000-square-foot Interior Concepts' Retail Design Studio showroom. She then transitioned to Senior Designer and now holds the Resource Manager & Buyer position of the Model Home Division at Interior Concepts. Betsy has won numerous awards for Excellence in Merchandising from the NVBIA and MBIA.


Britt Devereaux | Lead Senior Designer

Britt earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town, capping a six-year journey living in Brazil and South Africa. She followed her passion for Interior Design by continuing her studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, earning a Professional Designation Degree. Having already grown up in northern California, Britt felt drawn to the hardworking and fast-paced culture of the East Coast. She came to the greater Washington area and worked her way into a career in Multi-Family design for large developers. She joined Interior Concepts in 2019 as a Senior Designer, focusing on Model homes and Multi-family projects.


Ashley Sicher | Lead Senior Designer

After graduating from Marymount University with a Bachelor of Art in Interior Design, Ashley started working as a designer in model homes. She then moved into a Senior Designer position specializing in model home merchandising and multi-family commercial projects to grow her craft. From the beginning, she worked directly with each client to develop design concepts and creative solutions for every space. Her work has won various awards, including many GALA and MAX awards.


Camille Emmet | Senior Associate Designer

Camille discovered her creative abilities early in high school and furthered her education by attending West Virginia University, where she studied interior design. She joined Interior Concepts in 2018 as a junior designer and was promoted to staff designer in 2020. Her strength in design styling is a sense of curated Bohemian, but she also loves adventuring into other styles. Camille has a strong passion for the outdoors and hopes to weave this adoration into Interior design by becoming LEED Certified.


Krista Martin | Senior Associate Designer

Born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia, Krista obtained her degree in Business Administration from Tallinn University of Technology. In 2015, she came to Interior Concepts and quickly realized she had great talent and passion for Interior Design. Her love for nature is seen through her design aesthetic, which embraces organic textures, natural elements, and clean, sophisticated lines. She draws inspiration from her Nordic roots and the world around her, and when not designing, she enjoys photography and traveling. Krista believes that beauty and function should always work in harmony and loves that moment when everything magically comes together.


Jessica Carter | Associate Designer

Jess joined ICI in April 2021. Raised abroad during her formative years, Jess brings a unique and worldly perspective to her creative approach. Armed with art and interior design degrees, she seamlessly blends artistic expression with functional design principles. Jess finds inspiration in museums, extensive travels, and the natural world, ensuring her projects are infused with a distinctive touch.


Claire Marks | Associate Architect

Claire Marks hails from Bethesda, MD, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in architecture. Claire joined ICI in January 2020. Her favorite aspect of the job lies in witnessing the transformation of her imaginative concepts into tangible, functional spaces. Claire's greatest contribution to the team is her extensive technical background in architecture, ensuring that each project seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with structural integrity.