What is Old Can Become New

WORKING WITH A TURN-KEY INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM, like Interior Concepts, is a thrilling experience. Our clients get to see their ideas and inspirations go from pictures, fabrics, and drawings on a table to real executed designs with tangible pieces and details that transform your home into entirely new living spaces. We often advise to our clients that even if you may be hoping for an entire home transformation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should toss all of your current furniture into the trash; Let us help you make use of that old piece in a different and new way.

One of the exciting parts of being a designer is helping our clients to design & accomplish their new stlye and find new uses for things that may not have been thought of before. Old draperies can become purposeful pillows on a new sofa, an old chair can be reupholstered to bring new life into the piece & the space, and an old chest of drawers can become a new bathroom vanity. When working with a professional who can guide you with the creative decisions on things such as these- the possibilities are endless.

Take this antique oak foyer secretary (shown below); I was able to create a fresh look and a new found purpose for the piece with a new lacquered paint finish on the exterior, a contrasting taupe gloss interior and with its updated hardware it is now a beautiful bedside storage piece for a twin guest bedroom that holds many memories inside for my client with old photos and relics on display.

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Reupholstering a piece can be a great way to add new life into something that you already love. In this case, the designer chose to use updated, fresh fabrics to turn a set of four traditional swivel chairs into a new transitional seating area.

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Of course, there are considerations to be made when it comes time determine if its to retire a piece of furniture. Sometimes, the price of reupholstering or refurbishing a piece can be more than what the piece itself is worth(and many times that is the case). First, consider the value, workmanship and personal value to you. Unless the piece is an heirloom or holds sentimental value, I would typically recommend purchasing new instead; Another piece of advice is to leave the work to professionals- although it may look nice and easy on that favorite TV show you watched over the weekend, understand that reupholstering and refinishing your valued pieces is an art that takes fine craftsmanship to do it right. Take the time to check out several workshops and see examples of their work before investing and changing your special piece. If you feel like it has come time to put a piece of furniture to rest, don’t throw it out- If there is still life left in the piece, you can consign it or donate it to a local charity so that someone else can make use of what you no longer have a use for.



Blog written by Lisa Kowalewski