Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer?

WHETHER YOU ARE WANTING TO design a single room or an entire home, the process can be quite overwhelming! Engaging the services of a professional interior designer will help you find the best solutions for your home, while working within budget parameters and creating a unique and personalized interior that reflects your taste and is conducive for your lifestyle.

An interior designer will guide and assist with the complete decision making process in order to avoid expensive mistakes that can occur otherwise with color, size, scale, flow and the overall feeling. How often have you visited a friend’s home who has purchased a sectional from a furniture store and that sectional is much too large for the room? The professional can also bring design closure to a room where you may have been struggling with not being quite able to bring the space together and finish it.

Another advantage to hiring an interior designer versus making purchases through furniture retailers is that the designer may have an endless pool of unique resources and specialty subcontractors not available to retailers from which they can obtain furniture, art and accessory pieces that can elevate a space from being wonderful to extraordinary. One of the hardest parts of design is successful accessorizing and composing those final details that is much like finding the perfect jewelry to finish the red carpet dress ensemble. Designers also typically have an arsenal of specialty subcontractors, such as faux finishers, artists, drapery workrooms and upholsters who can successfully finesse unique creative details with management from the designer.

The designer can also be the liaison with an architect, remodeler, or builder as the designer has come to understand your needs, desires and budget constraints through having built a close and personal relationship. This is important when driving the decision making process and functioning as a team effort to achieve your expectations.

Some design firms work as a turnkey operation, such as Interior Concepts, Inc. to where not only do we create the design, but we handle the compete aspect of job management including ordering, tracking, receiving and storing the merchandise in our own warehouse, handling customer service issues should they arise, and finally delivering and installing the merchandise with our own trucks and delivery personnel. This turnkey process can be quite cumbersome for someone who may want to order from internet sources or other sources. Also, not only does Interior Concepts manage jobs locally, but we provide this service nationally and internationally as well.

The possibilities and benefits of professional interior design guidance can be endless but should establish a close personal working relationship that creates excitement and alleviates stress through the design process, culminating in a finished product that meets or exceed your vision.



Blog written by Joyce Pearl | Senior Residential Design Manger