Creating Drama and Feeling with a Tiled Bed Wall

ONE OF THE EASIEST WAYS TO CREATE DRAMA IN A BEDROOM IS TO ACCENT THE BED WALL.Typically this is done with a contrasting paint color, wallpaper or architecture detail - but another impactful and functional idea is to apply tile. Endless tile options are available that can be applied to enhance a wide range of desired design styles. Tiled walls are also more durable than paint or wallcovering, and lend themselves to designs that can’t be created with other materials.











Utilizing textural or dimensional tile as the bed wall can in many cases become the actual artwork due to the sculptural quality of these tiles. Dimensional and glass tile in monochromatic or light colors can add serenity to the sleeping space.

Wallpaper-like patterns such as damasks, geometrics and modern marble-like veining on just the bed wall accentuate the most front and center view, and become the subject matter.

Adding warmth to the room can be achieved by utilizing natural stone mosaics or faux wood tile. Faux wood options can be installed in directional patterns to enhance drama. The diversity of these tiles work for rooms ranging from rustic to modern.

Certainly the bed wall can also be treated with vibrant color or strongly patterned tile that contrasts from the other walls for a bold statement.

temp-post-imageEnhancing the bed wall through the use of tile can elevate the style and glamour of the room, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary, and is an application that works for almost every budget!




Blog written by Joyce Pearl | Senior Residential Design Manager